Writing & Research

I’m available for all sorts of writing and research projects. I’m a versatile writer, so I am able to compose original copy for blog posts, articles, social media and web content. Whether you’re looking for someone to spruce up your web content or for a person who will happily scour database after database to help you complete your research—I’ve got you covered.

Does this sound like you?

– Do you struggle putting what you want to say into words?

– Do you have a product you are passionate about and want to inspire others to be passionate about it too?

– Are you feeling uninspired by the content out there and want to bring energy and meaning to your newspaper, magazine, or blog?

– Need help engaging others?

If you desire fresh, uplifiting and inspiring prose, I can help you.

Technical writing

I can help you communicate complex ideas clearly, effectively, and efficiently.

Training Manuals                                 User Guides

Newsletter Articles & Tips                    Training Presentations

Employee Handbooks                           Documentation

Ghost writing

If you have something to say but you don’t have the time or experience to write it yourself, I can help you write articles or books of any length. All sorts of professionals use ghostwriters: Doctors, Professors/Teachers, Marketing Experts, Lawyers, Motivational Speakers, Real Estate Professionals, Entertainers, Chefs, Dog Trainers, and Artists.

Why should you use a ghost writer?

– Being published has the ability to increase your professional power.

– Being published allows you to bring your special skills and/or observations to a wide audience.


I offer a very flexible approach towards fees. All rates are negotiable and depend on the type of document, and the number of words.

Based on these factors, I can either charge a fixed fee for the work or charge by the hour.

​Check out the rates page for guideline prices, or if you’d like me to provide you with a no-obligation quote, please send me an email, including details of the work you require.