Before we start, at the risk of appearing a little blunt, I need to get a couple of things out of the way.

​This is a proofreading service. It is my livelihood. And it’s a very specialized and exacting skill.

​If you decide you want to use my services—and anyone who writes anything, quite honestly, needs an editor or proofreader of some kind—then I want you to know something right off the bat, and before we go any further: this will cost you some money. Not a fortune, but not pocket change either. Just like when you choose to seek out a building contractor for house renovations or a mechanic for your car troubles, you will be paying someone a fair price for an important and (most would say) essential service.

​Please have an idea of what your budget will be before you ask me to look at your work. If it’s realistic, I will be more than happy to give you an initial free sample somewhere in the 1,500–2,000 word range that is most representative of your current work, and we can take it from there. My quoted rates are only guidelines, and I will work hard to find a fair rate we can both be happy with. But don’t approach me expecting to pay me—a ludicrous example, you’d think, but it’s happened—well under minimum wage. It’s not only insulting (to us both, since your work is also worth more than that), but it wastes your time and mine.

​Let’s move on to the business of fixing your written work. I am good, I am conscientious, and I will give your work the utmost in respect and close attention if I feel like you’re treating me fairly. Think of it this way: spending your hard-earned is relatively feeble short-term pain for the long-term gain of knowing your book won’t embarrass you in the marketplace, and will garner respect wherever it is read.

​The following is merely a guide, and since every project is different, the reality may turn out to be a hybrid of these categories. I will be sure to consult with you prior to starting work and, based on an initial representative sample (of 1,500–2,000 words), we will customize a plan for your needs.


This is the basic service, usually a one-time typo, spelling, and grammar check. At a basic rate of $0.015 a word (or $15 per 1,000 words), this will be approximately $3.75 per page.*


This service is highly personalized and would require an initial customized consultation, with rates starting from $25.00 per page.

*A ballpark figure based on approximately 250 double-spaced words per page (calculating the rate per word is the more accurate method).